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I’m an On-Location Natural Light Photographer specializing in prenatal, infant, children and family portraiture in the Ottawa area.

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What to wear

Wondering what to wear to a photo session?  Here's are some examples of cute outfits:

It's best to wear complimentary colours. Gone are the days of everyone wearing black or white shirts with jeans....show your individual style.  What I like to do is pick one family member's outfit first then coordinate around it to make sure nobody clashes.  Try to stay away from clothing with logos, cartoon characters or brands as this can be distracting and will date your picture.  Solid colours with medium tones work well.  For example, blues, purples, greens, reds, oranges and browns.  Choosing outfits for a large group can be tricky, but sticking with two or three colours will establish a cohesive look.

A few ideas for kids:
-Babies look adorable in their Birthday suit
- I love pictures of boys with no shirt, wearing jeans and having bare feet...so cute!
-Girls looks timeless in a simple slipdress but my absolute favorite is a fun tutu.
- a great formula for a daughter/son sibling photo is a patterned dress for her and a solid shirt for him which picks up a colour or tone from her pattern.

Accessories can make great additions for a photo session.  For example: hats, bows, headbands, jewelry and scarves.  Using layers and textures add interest (see the example pictures above)

***no gum!  Please wait until after the photo session to give your children gum or else you will see it in the photos**

Do you have a particular room in mind to hang a photo?  If so, look at the colour scheme and style of the location and dress in outfits that will coordinate with the room.  When printed, your photo will feel right at home.

Have fun!