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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Featured Photographer

This week i'm excited to introduce you to Lee-Ann Dueck of Ginger Snaps! Natural Light Photography.   We started our photography businesses around the same time and it's been so fun to have her to bounce ideas off of.  You can see her website here

City/Country of business : Leamington, southern ontario

Favourite Subjects to photograph? Why? I don't know if I actually have a favorite.  I couldn't tell you a favorite color or food or smell either!  Maybe I'm just indecisive?  I love working with expectant moms because of the hope they have in their eyes, new babies because they ARE hope, children because of their innate ability to be themselves, families because I love that I can get a sense of the connection between everyone, people in love, well, that's just romantic! 

Type of camera you use: Nikon D90 but I have my eye on the D700...

Favourite lens: I really like to use my 28-105mm.  It gives me more room for creativity, plus it's a macro so I can get those lovely shots of newborn lashes and toes!

Studio or Natural Light? why? Right now, natural light.  I am a pretty simple person.  Using natural light lets the only thing between me and my subject be my camera.  I am also a realist, in that, I like to be very sparing with my editing.  My goal is to have the picture's colour and light be what I saw it as I took it.   I hope to have a studio someday, a dedicated work space outside of my home.  With four kids, the interruptions and the guilt tend to pile up like the laundry.  It's natural to want to be with your mom, and me with them, so separating work from family time can be tough, especially when under a deadline.  A studio would alleviate some of that.

tell us a little secret about yourself that nobody knows:   Ok, but don't laugh at me!  I recently discovered that I LOVE a peanut butter (the natural kind) honey and olive sandwich!  Before you say "gross" go try it.  Delish!

Where do you look for inspiration: I find inspiration all around me!  Colours and lights, conversations with people, nature, but mostly people.  I see something in everyone that is beautiful, absolutely everyone.  It may sound a little airy fairy, but when I connect with others I can see their potential, their light, and if they are on the other side of my lens somehow this shows up in their images.  I love this, it's almost magical to me, like a little surprise when I open up the files. 

Where would we find you when your not busy taking pictures? Either taking care of my family, or reading about how to take better pictures!  Or if I'm lucky, sitting on a beach listening to the waves.  It's like meditation.  I can send all of my worries out over the water and they are carried away.

Who or what would you love to shoot that you haven’t already?  This summer, I am shooting my very first wedding.  I can't wait!  Weddings are like a day long stylized shoot.  All the details have been attended to, everyone looks their best, plus, this Bride to be is stunning!  This wedding is overlooking Lake Erie and is going to be so beautiful! 

Favourite TV show or movie?  AH!  Very good question!  Every time I admit to really loving a show, it gets taken off the air!  I'm not kidding!  Felicity, Party of Five...since I started studying photography, I haven't really watched tv.  It's been a blessing, really.

Thanks so much Lee-Ann!


adventuresindinner said...

Beautiful photos and I am also a fan of olive and peanut butter sandwiches :)

Ginger Snaps! said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! Your corner of the internet is a lovely place to be :)