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Monday, November 19, 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 46

This week's theme is "Music".

My daughter just started learning an instrument at school last year and I thought she was crazy to pick out Trombone (it's so heavy to carry around!) but she's really enjoying it.  I love that it makes a nice deep sound so even when she messes up when practicing, it doesn't sound like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.  :)

I'm really proud of her and how how quickly she's learnt how to play.  I was going to do a little photo shoot of her but she's sick right now so here's a picture of her from last december right before her first concert with her school band.  They did really great and my favourite song was called Creatures in the Night.  The trombones had a big part in it...it's a nice creepy sounding song!  I didn't think to take a video of her band playing it but click here and you can hear what the song sounds like.

If you would like to play along, next week's theme is "Gathering".

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