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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 15th

We went to Pro's Ranch Market....thank you Jill for telling me about the place! For those of you in Ottawa, it's like a mexican farm boy. We had a blast checking out all the different types of food. The smells in the bakery were amazing...they has so many delicious looking pastries!

I decided to take pictures of things that you wouldn't see in an Ottawa grocery store

This I thought was the most weird....cactus leaves, i'm not sure what you would do with them (I don't think they would make a very tasty salad)!

The ceiling at the front entrance (where all the booze is located :)) was covered with pinatas

These are Agua Fresca (hope I spelt that right) or Fruit drinks

Lots of chilis!

We ended up buying fresh tortillas, jalapeno peppers and other ingredients to make a delicious Fajita supper....it was very tasty!!

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KarenD said...

Beautiful pics of your trip! I love them!